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It was nice visiting you again for a few days, Tokyo, but I’m glad to be heading back to Beijing. 203BF972-F61D-4D2A-A1AA-8A7E6F18F1EF.jpg

I swear, one day I will get a good photo of you…

Despite their marketing and claims otherwise, simple things like being unable to type in the name of a folder when moving a file in Files.app has convinced me nobody developing iOS actually uses iOS exclusively for work.

Happy Lunar New Year, everyone! 新年快乐! 🎉

The power plays Chinese women make with their partners border on the absurd. I just saw a woman try to get her boyfriend to re-tie her shoe because the shoestring wasn’t even. And he did it.

It’s a damn shame Brill’s publications are so heinously expensive.

Korean Temple Roof

Taken near the back of Gyeongbokgung in Seoul over a year ago. The more I visit, the more I enjoy it. It has nothing to do with knowing about the city, it’s more that I just find Seoul to be very livable.

Darkroom for iPad is incredible. Absolutely loving it.

One of the more horrible things about consumerism is that it takes our curiosity and desire to be “better” (however an individual defines that) and capitalizes on it by packaging something up and saying that thing will satisfy both of those impulses.

I think this is doubly horrible because it not only takes advantage of a beautiful human impulse, but anyone who discovers the deceit can’t help but become overcome by cynicism.

HSK 5 tomorrow is going to slaughter me 💀

Thinking of starting a microcast that’s just me rambling for ten minutes about my anxieties concerning my future. Working title is “Still Figuring It Out.”

When the student asked, “I am very discouraged. What should I do?” Zen master Soen Nakagawa replied, “Encourage others.”

I would love it if I could install extensions in iOS without installing the app. Better yet, please bring me a hidden app drawer. I have so many apps installed to do one thing once a fortnight.

I’m tempted to try moving everything I do with my iPad onto my iPhone. Two years of successful iPad-only workflow has made me think how nice just one single, pocketable device could be. The real question is, would I be able to get away with just using a phone in an MA program? 🤔

Two years ago I ditched my work computer and bought an iPad Pro, and now I’m tempted by the siren call to get rid of my iPad and exclusively use an iPhone for all personal and work computing needs

A vajra brother looking down the hill at the Great Stupa of Merigar.

Early morning Sang at Merigar West a couple weeks ago.

Just finished a one week ngöndro retreat, and I have a newfound deep respect for all the old Tibetan ladies doing prostrations and circumambulations all day. 🙏🏻

Is Facebook evil?

But an organization with so much influence does not need to be ideologically opposed to society to cause harm. It only needs to stop thinking about humans, to feel comfortable dismissing religious violence, ethnic discrimination, hate speech, loneliness, age discrimination, and live-streamed death as “operational scaling issues.” To think of suicide as a “use case” for Facebook Live.

Great essay over at Quartz about the problem with Facebook - they don’t see people.

Khandro Rinpoche - What is a Dakini? This doesn’t go into a great deal of depth, but I really like Khandro Rinpoche’s way of presenting the teachings. Her little joke at the end is also great.

…Kimura said he deeply regretted swearing in one of the responses and vowed to “tone down” his comments in future. But he also said he had been frustrated by continually dealing with tourists who post “arrogant responses like they’re some travel pioneer”.

After editing a long audio file for the first time, I have newfound respect for podcasters that record and edit long shows. Also, Ferrite really is a great app for audio editing on the iPad.

The Sakyong wasn’t the only one

Meditation teacher and author Lodro P. Rinzler announced that he was leaving the Buddhist group Shambhala International on July 1 after several women came forward to accuse its leader, Sakyong Mipham, of sexual assault. He failed to mention that he had been accused of sexual misconduct himself.

I’ve had an idea for a blog post about Rinzler and his MNDFL business for a while. I’m very pleased with the potential title: “Vowels aren’t the only thing missing at MNDFL.” Maybe I should actually go ahead and write it.

I really enjoy the public life that happens in and around the hutongs here in Beijing.