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My current tech wet dream is an iPhone with the design of the current iPads Pro, and a screen size of the iPad Mini.

Criticism of an Aeon Piece on Mindfulness

I don’t have a PhD from Cambridge, but I feel like the argument in this essay is pretty flawed. Putting aside the implicit claim the author understands mindfulness and Buddhist practice enough to levy criticism, he criticism of modern mindfulness also strikes me as off. She moves from criticizing the modern mindfulness movement for divorcing itself from certain Buddhist metaphysics, to then giving a somewhat clumsy explanation of anattā, and then proceeding to criticize that amalgam as if it were the entirety of mindfulness past and present, as if the only difference between mindfulness in a Buddhist context and McMindfulness is a superficial understanding of emptiness.

I also find it a bit ironic that someone who talks about problems with modern medical “one size fits all” approaches then seems to argue that, because mindfulness did not work for them, it is flawed and has little utility outside of specific applications, like when the author is having trouble sleeping.

I guess it’s not surprising, after being watered down as a modern psychoanalytic panacea, that McMindfulness is criticized in this way, but I guess I would have appreciated if someone getting a PhD at Cambridge stuck to criticizing that in their article, rather than assuming their understanding of modern psychoanalysis and therapeutic techniques would carry over to familiarity with Buddhist metaphysics/philosophy/practice.


Mainland Chinese now restricted from traveling on their own to Taiwan. Whenever things like this happen, I feel a bit surprised by the uncritical nationalism expressed in some comments. But I guess it’s that way everywhere nowadays…

Nice interview with well-known minimalist Colin Wright (I consider him well known anyway). I like his emphasis on simplicity. Reminds me of something I read by the 17th Karmapa recently. Not a goal in itself, but rather it allows you to focus on what really matters.

A Radical Realist View of Tibetan Buddhism at the Rubin - by Ian Johnson - NYR Daily - The New York Review of Books

I think it’s just non-communication

Not sure I agree with this NYTimes piece, The Cultural Truth at the Heart of the Lies in ‘The Farewell’ - The New York Times. I can’t claim to be an expert, I’m not sure I understand my own culture, let alone that of another country I’ve only experienced for a few years. But after living here, I do feel that ideas many in “the West” have about Asian collectivism and groups being valued over individuals, etcetera, are overblown. There’s definitely indirect communication but there’s also a lot of non-communication. Is it pursuing harmony or just avoiding discomfort? How much of it is power dynamics? Especially in a workplace, this non-communication, if it negatively impacts anyone, is usually most strongly felt by employees, not management.

I also wonder how much these instances of silence come from growing up in a place where extreme control is exerted on you from a young age. I feel like young people here often don’t really begin living for themselves or deciding things for themselves until they get to college, if then.

I suspect my bad habit of interrupting people while they’re talking is something that I picked up or at least got worse while in China. I notice Chinese people doing it very often during conversations in which I’m participating.

Today’s model 🐈

Fun slo-mo video of milk being poured into tea. Yes, I put milk in my tea, but only lower quality black tea. Also 🍯

I don’t think this is entirely accurate, but it’s hilarious. >Hitler Reacts To Nonduality / Enlightenment - FUNNY! - YouTube

Just a few weeks later and I am yearning for this view again.

Maybe my greatest cat photo so far. It did pretty well on Instagram at the time. It was also one of my first times using Portrait Mode on my 7 Plus and I was blown away.

What if I’m actually destined for a career as a cat photographer?


The power of editing. I didn’t even notice the colors in the roof tiles at first!


The only things I really want this year from Apple are a search bar in Files when saving or moving a file, and an app drawer so I can have apps on my phone I use occasionally without having to see them constantly. Please~~~ 🙏🏻

Returned recently from a semi-pilgrimage out in the Tibetan Kham region, out in way western Sichuan. Now that I have recovered from whatever it was in Kangding that destroyed my digestion for the past week, it is time to sift through all the photos I took. So many photos…

Had an amazing time tonight listening to Ryder Carroll speak about the Bullet Journal here in Beijing. If anyone has the chance to listen to him speak, I highly highly highly recommend you do. His book, The Bullet Journal Method, is also fantastic. 4D692416-911F-460B-8A33-51EF5DCFA4AF.jpg

It was nice visiting you again for a few days, Tokyo, but I’m glad to be heading back to Beijing. 203BF972-F61D-4D2A-A1AA-8A7E6F18F1EF.jpg

I swear, one day I will get a good photo of you…

Despite their marketing and claims otherwise, simple things like being unable to type in the name of a folder when moving a file in Files.app has convinced me nobody developing iOS actually uses iOS exclusively for work.

Happy Lunar New Year, everyone! 新年快乐! 🎉

The power plays Chinese women make with their partners border on the absurd. I just saw a woman try to get her boyfriend to re-tie her shoe because the shoestring wasn’t even. And he did it.

It’s a damn shame Brill’s publications are so heinously expensive.

Korean Temple Roof